Project: Smart Products Report 2022

The Smart Products Report 2020 is the first representative study to shed light on the perception and use of smart products in Switzerland. And more is to come: We are currently preparing the Smart Products Report 2022 as a follow-up!

Did you know that in 2020, already 72% of the Swiss population owned a smart device? Furthermore, the Swiss seemed to enjoy their smart devices, with nearly one-quarter even giving them nicknames. One of our current research projects delves deeper into this phenomenon and investigates the consequences of nicknaming smart products. It shows, for example, in which contexts it can be valuable for practitioners to support their customers to use nicknames.

In 2020, participants expressed a strong interest in purchasing more smart products in the future—but how did the pandemic influence the use and appreciation of smart products? What are the most recent hot topics when it comes to smart products? 

The Smart Products Report 2022 will answer these and other intriguing questions. And you can be part of it: There are a few spots left for study partnerships, which include joint workshops and the opportunity to include specific questions into the study. If you are interested in joining our new endeavor, we are happy to hear from you at

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